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Smart Aleck Kids?

Friends and Family,

 Back in December, my men’s small group, aka PMSG – Point Man Small Group (named after Steve Farrar’s book), had the wonderful opportunity to listen to 3 college kids talk about how to be a better dad.  Based on this session, one of our guys, Brett, wrote an outstanding post on his blog titled “What Smart Aleck College Kids Can Teach About Parenting.”

Dads, I urge you to read this article – there is about 60 years of kid experience summarized into this one article. Some of it you have heard before, some of you haven’t – I guarantee it. 

 Smart Aleck Kids

 After you read it come back and I would love to hear your dad advice!

 In His Service,


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Posted by on October 26, 2011 in Parenting


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