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Life’s Complicated?

Life is ComplicatedSometimes we make life too complicated. A few examples come to mind:
  1. The IRS tax code – I am not sure it is even possible anymore to file your taxes without help.
  2. The NCAA guidelines – this past year one athlete who was given $1,000 was suspended for 3 games and another who was given $20 was suspended for 10 games.
  3. The Bible – 66 books, 1,189 chapters, 31,102 verses and 783,137 words – with all of that information how are we supposed to know what to do?

The last few weeks I have talked about the 3 prerequisites of being a disciple and the 3 pillars of being a disciple. This week I’m starting a new section: the products of being a disciple.

What do I mean by products of being a disciple? Read the rest of this entry »


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Got Him?

Got HimWith Derrick and Christie recently getting engaged all things wedding are on my mind and on my radar. I recently listened to an interview with Mike Grayson and his fiancée, Molly. Mike is the lead singer for the Christian band Mike’s Chair. Molly was telling the story of how Mike proposed last fall. After Molly finished her story she paused and said: “All I kept thinking was: I get him.” Molly was saying she was so thrilled to spend the rest of her life with Mike.

What came to my mind after hearing Molly’s story was this: Read the rest of this entry »


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Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Spring 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

Easter is just 9 days away and I recently remembered reading a sign hanging in a storefront while we were living in Switzerland in the late 1990’s. It read something like “Weihnachten würde nichts ohne Ostern sein” which translates to “Christmas Read the rest of this entry »

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